Ah, Viral Joy!

It was a throw-away, a 20 minute time investment in a countdown to election day. One of 45, plugged into Hootsuite to release on social media over a weekend when attention would be elsewhere. Two days later, the redress of a World War II poster had received more than 1,000 likes, been shared 11,500 times, and been seen by 562,000[…]

My Life as a Ghost

Lately, I’m doing a lot of ghost writing for people who want to be known for their carefully reasoned opinions and pithy commentary. It’s the nature of the beast that I can’t talk about who these people are or what I’ve written for them. Op-Eds, mostly, because I have a lot of political clients these[…]

An Embarrassment of Riches

Which is worse, too little or too much? I ask the question because I’m in the middle of a script project that has me swamped in potential content. It’s a 45 minute documentary covering a fair sweep of history. The client has provided three books, about a gigabyte of archived historic materials, and 600 pages[…]

Long Ago, Far Away

I needed to dig around in my files for some old magazine work I did. The paper was torn and yellowed. The words on the page were encouraging. I’m a better writer now than I was then. I mean, one would hope, right? But my own published work from then read as if it were[…]

Some People

I had this client a couple of years ago, kind of a hip-pocket start-up I did some cheap work for. I wrote some web copy, designed a couple of ads, took some photos. It was maybe two days work and I liked what I did.   When it came time to pay he called my[…]

Fear of Passion?

My last blog entry discussed the heart-breaking act of PowerPoint suckery — of ignoring effect in favor of density of information. Yesterday, I went to a political rally. The rally was in support of the Affordable Care Act. Think what you want about the policy; there is no question that passions are running high. I’m[…]