September 5, 2016


Sourcing is the practice of buying whiskey from a distiller to sell under a different brand name. It has long been a dirty little secret in the industry, but is coming out of the closet as a new generation of non-distilling producers blend their way into the hearts of Bourbon drinkers. This looks at how the industry is changing, and the people who are driving the change. It has a great first couple of paragraphs, too.

Rich guys having fun: how big-money Hollywood investors are remaking minor league baseball.

The wine industry pulls out all the stops in trying to attract millennial consumers, including abandoning the romantic, soft-focus imagery that powered the growth of California wines.

The untold story of Fred Minnick, writer, critic, and entrepreneur, broken in war and reassembled by Kentucky's Bourbon culture.

Science argues Bourbon and rye whiskeys are indistinguishable. The whiskey industry disagrees, politely and with barely concealed amusement.

Terroir is a new concept in whiskey. No one is more passionate or meticulous about it than Hillrock Distillery in the Hudson River Valley.

For 20 years, the man who invented fake news spiked American newspapers with outlandish tales people simply could not resist.

Review of "The Terroir of Whiskey: A Distiller's Journey", and a discussion with the author about the Next Big Thing in whiskey, or perhaps not.

Writing about people writing about political gambling. Make it funny, make it informative, mention Hillary Clinton in every post.

The best place to hang in the most elegant speakeasy in town.

Op-ed imploring Medicare to speed the adoption of genetics into medical practice.

It's funny, and let me apologize in advance for the subject matter.