September 5, 2016


Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

Editorial Feature

Assigned article on the increasing popularity of non-tradition packaging for wine. I researched it, conducted interviews, and wrote the text. See it here.
Rabbit Hole Distilling

Bourbon Lore

Rabbit Hole Distilling is a start-up craft distillery having trouble finding its voice. Their visually elegant website had uneven, inconsistent copy. I came in and together we developed a simple style matching the site's lush look and feel. More importantly, it makes vivid the brand for those encountering the distillery the first time. Give it a look.
Alcala Labs website project

The Whole Website

Alcala Labs is a San Diego-based toxicology lab expanding into pharmacogenetics. They have a terrific one-page pitch. I built the website to live up to it, and wrote every word of the copy. Simple, concise, effective.
Wine Criticism with a Story

More Than Criticism

The story of a terrific, innovative wine. Read it.


This op-ed column was prepared as a part of a lobbying campaign coordinated by the Personalized Medicine Coalition, to convince Medicare to reimburse for predictive genetic testing. This specific piece was positive reinforcement for Medicare's partial acceptance of the testing. See it here.


Diving into the data to find out why wine blogs suck. Read it here.

Promotional Video

Promotional video aimed at healthcare providers looking for turn-key patient engagement tools. I came up with the idea, wrote the script, and collaborated in the selection of imagery

Brand Introduction

PGXL Laboratories introduced pharmacogenetic testing to the United States. I wrote the start-up business plan and developed the initial marketing materials, which took the company from $0 revenue to almost $20 million. See a sales slick here and the identity brochure here.


Documentary series for American Public Television. This is an episode intro. Whole episodes are available on Netflix. I wrote the script from existing interviews and archival footage.


Commissioned by the American Printing House for the Blind to research and analyze the development of a navigational app for the blind. I did research, including walking around parks with blind people and learning how to use a cane to navigate. Read it here.


A blog article designed for boost on Facebook and other social media, went viral in the target audience garnering 12,000 unique visitors. See it here.
Los Angeles Magazine

When Magazines Were Paper

I used to write features for Los Angeles magazine. None of my work there is on line, so I dug around my files and found this article about rich, Hollywood guys dabbling in minor league baseball. I still get a kick out of it. Try it yourself.