September 5, 2016


The wine industry pulls out all the stops in trying to attract millennial consumers, including abandoning the romantic, soft-focus imagery that powered the growth of California wines.

Rich guys having fun: how big-money Hollywood investors are remaking minor league baseball.

The untold story of Fred Minnick, writer, critic, and entrepreneur, broken in war and reassembled by Kentucky's Bourbon culture.

Op-ed imploring Medicare to speed the adoption of genetics into medical practice.

Ghost writing is tricky business. You do good work and can't talk about it. By special permission, I present this op-ed. I generated the idea, wrote the text, and take pride in the fact that neither the candidate nor the congressman made any substantial changes. I've ghosted op-eds, speeches, articles, an autobiography...even a wedding toast.

One year after the founding of PHP, I wrote and edited this annual report video.

The best place to hang in the most elegant speakeasy in town.

A medical publisher moving from print into email and app-based patient engagement tools: this B2B video introduced their new services.

It's funny, and let me apologize in advance for the subject matter.

A grant-funded research project to assess the practicality of developing a smartphone app to improve park access for the blind. This is a good example of the very practical sort of writing used in business planning. It's worth noting I've collaborated on business plans that have raised nearly $100 million in capital.