And Our Vices Shall Lead Us

I’m writing a feature about robotic farming and I’m watching a demonstration of how easy one of the major systems is to use. It’s pretty impressive, with huge trays of plants beings raised into multiple layers so more can be grown on less land. A few minutes in I notice that, despite the narrator talking[…]

My Life as a Writer

“So, you’re a writer.” “Yes, among other things.” “What do you write?” “Lots of different things.” “Like, plays?” “Not plays. Magazine articles. Speeches. I ghost some op-eds for politicians.” “I hate politics.” “A lot of people do.” “Not as much as me. You should write a thing about how much I hate politics.” “Really?” “Yeah.[…]

Fact For the Taking

Here’s something I love that I haven’t been able to squeeze into anything: Lisa Carver, PhD, is an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology & Health Studies, Queen’s University, Canada. Earlier this year she published the results of a study she constructed to determine people’s estimates of how old they feel. That is, as[…]

Some People

I had this client a couple of years ago, kind of a hip-pocket start-up I did some cheap work for. I wrote some web copy, designed a couple of ads, took some photos. It was maybe two days work and I liked what I did.   When it came time to pay he called my[…]

Fear of Passion?

My last blog entry discussed the heart-breaking act of PowerPoint suckery — of ignoring effect in favor of density of information. Yesterday, I went to a political rally. The rally was in support of the Affordable Care Act. Think what you want about the policy; there is no question that passions are running high. I’m[…]