My Life as a Writer

“So, you’re a writer.” “Yes, among other things.” “What do you write?” “Lots of different things.” “Like, plays?” “Not plays. Magazine articles. Speeches. I ghost some op-eds for politicians.” “I hate politics.” “A lot of people do.” “Not as much as me. You should write a thing about how much I hate politics.” “Really?” “Yeah.[…]

Fact For the Taking

Here’s something I love that I haven’t been able to squeeze into anything: Lisa Carver, PhD, is an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology & Health Studies, Queen’s University, Canada. Earlier this year she published the results of a study she constructed to determine people’s estimates of how old they feel. That is, as[…]

Some People

I had this client a couple of years ago, kind of a hip-pocket start-up I did some cheap work for. I wrote some web copy, designed a couple of ads, took some photos. It was maybe two days work and I liked what I did.   When it came time to pay he called my[…]

Fear of Passion?

My last blog entry discussed the heart-breaking act of PowerPoint suckery — of ignoring effect in favor of density of information. Yesterday, I went to a political rally. The rally was in support of the Affordable Care Act. Think what you want about the policy; there is no question that passions are running high. I’m[…]