Tom Johnson Has Ideas,
writes WORDS

What I Bring to the Table

Distinctive Voice

I’m the guy you call when you want writing with personality, a point of view, a wink. You can hire me to write catalog copy, but if that’s all you need, better to find some kid for $20 an hour.

Finding the Story

You’ve got to construct (or at least imply) a narrative that surrounds and makes memorable the thing you want them to learn. If you don’t, they’ll swat you away like an incoming fly and forget you were ever there.

Research and Planning

Sometimes you need information researched and presented in a way that enables your team to make an informed decision. I’ve done professional research since my days as an investigative reporter.

Strategic Clarity

All messages should exist in a strategic context, I understand that context and contribute to it. The result is communication aligned with your goals.

Bad writing costs more than good.

The hardest thing is attracting the right audience and holding its attention. It requires a sense of who is listening, a commitment to delivering value with every contact, and the ability to make even the most basic message fresh. Fail to do that, and no matter how little the writing costs, it was too much.

I’m a writer. I'm capable in video production, design, social media, and web development. I do creative direction and project management. But really, I'm a writer. I approach problems as a writer approaches a blank page – with simmering optimism about what's possible. That's why my clients hire me, and it's why you should, too.

  • Originality
  • Wit
  • Perspective
  • Words


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