On These Subjects, I Will Work at a Discount

There are things I want to write about that I’m not getting to write about. They are subjects that require research and travel and association with a known publication to get into — and that means I can’t do it on my own.

I will write about these subjects at a discount.

  • Environmental Restoration — I believe the move from preservation to restoration is well under way. It is the environmental movement of the next century. I have some great characters who have been laboring in obscurity, about to do big things. There are great data and science to draw on. I’ve pitched and pitched and pitched and the only feedback I’ve had is, basically, “wait for it to become news”. We can make it news.
  • Appalachian Renaissance — There is no place in the country more dependent on government and private sector benevolence than Appalachia. It was that way even when coal was a thriving industry, and coal is no longer a thriving industry. There is a new generation of entrepreneurs aggressively rejecting that heritage. They’re inventing ways to stay on the land they love, starting businesses with a national reach, and vowing to never take a dime they haven’t earned. There are great stories, ranging form the economically technical to the endearingly eccentric. I’ve been hanging around the Kentucky-West Virginia border region for a year and can attest that no one in the media world cares about Appalachia.

I’m having a Spring sale: 40% off, limited quantities available.

Whitesburg, Kentucky