October 19, 2016

Take This Cubs Quiz Before It’s Too Late (You Know What I Mean)

I got suckered into taking an online quiz to determine whether I’m a real Cubs fan or just someone who’s on-board because this looks like it might be The Year. I grew up hurrying home from school to catch games on WGN. As a seven year old, I whined my father into driving me all the way across the city to a gas station where Ernie Banks was signing autographs. When a friend and I spelled-out “Go Cubs” in beer cups on the chain link fence that used to be behind the left field catwalk, Ted Abernathy saw it and waved to us. We smiled for a month.

The Cubs quiz rated me a newcomer, someone along for the ride but not with any sort of serious connection to the team. I’m not sure, but I think that’s the most offensive thing that’s ever been said about me.

So I made my own quiz, one that tests your knowledge of things that really matter. Here it is. Good luck.
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